Canon EOS 7D Mark II release in February 2013 ?

Initially expected for the second half of this year, Canon EOS 7 D Mark II did not even graced with his presence and it seems that finally does not do until next year. It is in any case an anonymous source has revealed to friends Canon Rumors . According to this last, the new Canon 7D and could reach the market as soon as February 2013 , or a little over three months. Obviously difficult to be sure, but we can say that this famous source also released some information on the technical characteristics of the reflex assumed the red mark.

Before continuing, it should be noted that what follows is to be taken lightly, especially since this new rumor does not come from a common source of Canon Rumors. Accuracy is important, and the site also indicates very clearly in his article.
According to this source, therefore, the Canon EOS 7D Mark II embark APS-C 24.2 megapixels , Dual DIGIC V chip and two ports for memory cards . We do not know also not the type of cards it would. He also benefit from a burst mode at 10 frames per second. Remind yourself of all-these specifications turn for some months now, they were even mentioned in August when everyone was on vacation. Yes, but you still need to know that this famous source does not end there.
                               Canon EOS 7D Mark II release in February 2013?
No, because it also refers to the making of a new case featuring a more modern design and also enjoying significant ergonomic improvements . I know that everyone does not share my opinion, but I find that just boxes produced by Canon enjoy a very good ergonomics, and I finally asked how the manufacturer could improve things. Obviously I'm not saying that this is impossible, but I admit that it bothers me still not bad. In addition, you can also specify that the Canon EOS 7D Mark II also embark a new battery which should give greater autonomy. And it is true that it is important, autonomy, eh ...

I do not know if this rumor will prove to be accurate, but we can still note that this is a good time we heard about the 7D Mark II and we still see nothing ahead. We will therefore avoid packing too fast, and wait patiently to see if this rumor is confirmed or not.


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